How-to Guides

Trading Application How-to Guide


This is based on a guide I had created while I was working at a financial company. I had to change the name and remove the screenshots as those are proprietary. However, the template is one I created myself from scratch.


Trading Application How-to Guide Source File

This is the Word source file for the Trading Application How-to Guide. This shows that all the formatting is based on pre-defined styles that I created and nothing is locally formatted.

Technology Articles

Account Reporting Users: Three Reasons to Start Using Report Generator


The purpose of this article (originally created in HTML and posted on the company's intranet) was to persuade financial advisors to switch from an old reporting application to the newest one. Screenshots and application names have been changed to avoid potential issues with proprietary information.


Quick Reference Guides

Report Generator: Converting Documents to PDF


This guide was meant for users of a reporting application who wanted to use a new feature that allowed them to upload PDFs. The formatting and some application names were changed to avoid possible issues with proprietary information.


Report Generator: Enabling One-Click Printing


This guide was needed because users were frustrated with the difficulty of printing reports, which were automatically opened in Adobe Reader after they were generated. The formatting and some of the application names were changed to avoid potential issues with proprietary information.


Paying Toastmasters Dues via Expense Manager


I created this when I was Treasurer of RJ Toastmasters. This was needed to help new and renewing members who were having their departments cover their membership dues.


Upgrading to Windows 10


Windows 10 had just been released and some users were eager to upgrade. This quick reference guide was created to help those users perform the upgrade properly.


Creative Writing

The Legend of Lyle Pillah


This was a speech I wrote for a Toastmasters Tall Tales Contest. The speech had to be a tall tale that was between 3 and 5 minutes.


Internal Department Procedures

Forwarding Technical Issues to the TSC


This is an internal department procedure I documented for my team. This document became needed when the TSC (our company's help desk) retired their email address.


Medical Software

Medication Screen


This document provides instructions for stopping, adjusting, and refilling a medication. The audience includes healthcare providers and their staff. As with the other documents, the proprietary information (including screenshots) has been removed.